“Shelley’s love and passion for people is evident in her everyday life. As a former co-worker of hers, I’ve seen this first hand by the way she encourages and leads those around her. Shelley’s Christ-like attitude shows in every aspect of her life and she wants nothing more than to pour this attitude into those around her. I have the utmost respect for what she is doing and continues to do in the lives of others. Besides being a tremendous coach, Shelley is an awesome person and a great mentor to those around her.” ~ Doug Pederson (Quality Control Coach-NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles)

“Shelley is a remarkable motivator and has a great ability to connect with all people. She is a joy to work alongside.” ~Johnny Booty (AD-Calvary Academy-Father of 3 NFL Quarterbacks-Shreveport, LA)

“Shelley is a remarkable motivator and has a great ability to connect with all people. She is a joy “I have known Shelley for the past 10 years and have had the privilege of hearing her speak at numerous events within my community.  I have seen her speak to crowds exceeding thousands, as well as, intimate groups.  I have seen and heard the empathy in her heart while speaking at the funeral of a 14 year old, as well as, crowds where she delivered wildly, entertaining and thought-provoking messages.  I truly believe Shelley’s honesty, integrity and passion are her keys to engage any audience to the point you could hear a pin drop in a football stadium.  I attended a conference for the #1 revenue generating company for Johnson & Johnson. This conference changed my life, gave me balance and changed the way I ran my business.  Shelley’s style created a positive environment, which led to open interactions within our team. She made a connection with every sales rep while encouraging positive thinking.  Her energy and passion that was so contagious during this meeting was a contributing factor to me winning Sales Rep of the Year for J & J. I feel Shelley’s background in leadership, sales, creativity, and personal excellence has given her the ability to connect with every member of her audience in a unique way.  Her energy is transferred onto her audience with practical take-away messages that everyone can immediately apply to their lives. Shelley has certainly beaten the biggest challenge of any public speaking-short attention spans. She is captivating and a female Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie. When Shelley speaks, people listen and listen attentively.  She is an inspiring and enthusiastic speaker that certainly offers something different.  I would definitely urge ANY organization to consider utilizing Shelley.  She has a gift I feel the whole world deserves to have.”~ Rhonda Barr (Territory Manager – ev3 endovascular-Shreveport, LA)

“Shelley’s team building and coaching abilities took my understanding of what it was to be a leader and team member to a whole new level. I can’t thank her enough for the genuine interest and passion she invested into my life and the life of my family, friends and teammates.” ~ Quade Lightbody (Former player & Asst. Capt. Shreveport-Bossier Mudbugs ProHockey-Ontario, Canada)