The L.I.T. program is an amazing course that has been shaped based on the experiences of the past 12 years. It is designed to build leadership and job related skills, teaching fun ways to serve the community, have fun and also learn what it takes to be a tremendous counselor. This is not a guarantee for a job in the future, but is meant to train and help you learn what it means to be a leader in all environments. I should make it clear from the beginning that if you are interested in the L.I.T. program only because it is the next progression in camp and it provides more “freedom” throughout the summer, you may be disappointed. Yes, the L.I.T. program is considered the next jump up from traditional camp, and yes L.I.T.’s have more independence than traditional campers, but the goal of the L.I.T. program is to challenge the camper to grow as a leader and as a person. It is my goal that by the end of the summer, L.I.T.s will have made some lifelong friends and developed skills that will last well past the end of summer.